It's been a great time to study at Royal College of Art which I recently graduated MA Animation course a week ago.(already!)
It's no surprises that it has not been always entirely happy and fun, but the days about scratching, hitting my head to the wall and so on during the busy two years!
As well as the works I have been making during my student period, every films had been very personal-driven either emotionally or intellectually at first.
It is not for anything, but to be aware of the outside world relating to me and my own presence a little better.

There is a lot to learn from an organic process on thinking and making stuffs, leading me to be aware of rich complexities and their patterns of materials and visuals, which I have been eager to practise mainly in my animated works for years. There are yet more possibilities in the direction but I know feel like I need to move on to other alternative approaches on visual communication as the next stage of my practice.